We’re a husband + wife team of photographic storytellers™ currently based out of Newmarket, NH but soon to be based out of the Orlando Florida Area! We met in college and we’ve been having a blast being creative BFF’s ever since.


My name is Chris and I’m one half of Mon Petit Studio. Stella’s the better half! Don’t tell her I said that. ;) I love waffles (specifically drenched in maple syrup), Math Rock (Yeah, that’s really a thing), and my newest best friend – my son, Wolf. My favorite shirt has no less than 18,000 holes in it and I refuse to throw it away. It’s so comfortable! Fun fact: We shot these while holding our new babe!

My name is Stella and I’m the more vocal half of Mon Petit Studio. Betcha sweet apricot, I am. I’m a notorious list maker, I believe ice cream cake tastes best in the morning, and I own way too many fluffy white throw pillows. Chris will attest to that last one, y’all. I recently became mama to a sweet little chunker named Wolf and my life has never felt more complete. Fun fact: We shot these while holding our new babe! 


As a couple who has been on the other side of the camera (our wedding was nearly 8 years ago already – holy moly), we totally understand the excitement, nerves, and even stress that goes into planning a wedding. Think of us as not just your photographers, but also as friends and even as people who can help make your wedding day a smashing success. Let’s do this thing together! We want to know all about you and how we can document all that glorious love you share! Just shoot us an email and we’ll start talking deets ASAP!

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