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Hello. Howdy. Olá. Thanks for stopping by! We’re Chris + Stella and we’re Mon Petit Studio.

Mon Petit Studio is a design + photography group owned by Chris & Stella, a husband + wife team based out of the New Hampshire Seacoast.

We met in college while majoring in Graphic Design (Stella) & Film (Chris). After spending a number of years in our industries, our original passions for photography crept back in. This was especially evident during our own Halloween wedding in 2009 when we found ourselves wishing that we could snap some shots of our big day.

Photography, to us, is all about capturing a “visual story” and documenting true and natural emotions. We focus on creating comfortable & fun sessions with our couples so that we can bring out their best and tell their unique story to the world. During our initial meeting with our couples we ask about how they met, what their future dreams are, their favorite things about each other, etc. This not only helps us tell their visual story, it allows us to learn about who they are and get really comfortable with each other. By the time we’re ready to shoot, we’re like old friends!  <— Ha! By the Way: This is hardly a stretch. We have turned some really great clients into really great friends!

An engagement shoot is especially important to us as it allows our couples to get really comfortable in front of the camera before their big day {this combats any of those stuffy kind of pics we all hate} and it also allows us to spend the day really getting to know them on a more personal level.

So that’s all about us… in a nutshell. We’d love to meet YOU.
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We were recently featured in a vendor spotlight with Seacoast Harbor Events, where we answered some great questions asked by Heidi. We thought this would be a great place to share them too!
See the feature here.

Heidi: What would you say is Mon Petit Studio’s unique style in capturing a Wedding day?

Stella and Chris: We are “A Husband + Wife Team of Photographic Storytellers” and we take that to heart! We like to roll with the day and follow our couples, documenting various moments that unfold throughout their Wedding day. These little moments, combined with details, are what truly tell your Wedding day story. From a technical perspective: Our style is mostly Photo Journalistic with a hint of Natural Portraiture. This means that we like to capture those perfectly candid moments, the moments that show raw emotion – smiles, laughter, and tears {of joy, of course} – while simultaneously assisting our couples with posing techniques that bring out their natural beauty.

Heidi: Is there one piece of advice that you would give a Bride & Groom for their day when it comes to preparing for their Wedding day and photos?

Stella and Chris: Yes! Planning a Wedding is a lot of work but by the time your big day rolls around, it’s time to let go and truly enjoy the celebration. The vendors you’ve selected are there to bring your vision to life and it’s finally your turn to relax. When you’re stressed, it shows, so just enjoy your day and take in all of the beautiful moments to cherish. The truth of the matter is, if the napkins end up being the wrong shade of blue, your guests won’t notice… but your glowing smile… yeah, they’ll notice that!

Heidi: Are there any Wedding trends or styles you are loving right now in photos?

Stella and Chris: A very new Wedding trend that we’re seeing lately {and we have to be honest… we’re kind of in love with it} is the Bride & Groom getting ready TOGETHER! While this may be frowned upon by the most traditional types of Brides it can be an opportunity to document some truly intimate and unique moments between the couple. The Groom’s expression gazing at his Bride while she gets her dress on, the Bride adjusting the Groom’s tie, the Groom slipping on her shoes, and finally… both of them walking off together to say their “I Do’s” – it’s all oh-so-lovely. If you’re a Bride thinking to yourself, “Well, this is just crazy!”… Think about it this way: When “First Looks” started to pop up in the Wedding world, some couples freaked about those too… until they realized just how totally awesome they can be. Long story short: We really think we’ll be seeing more of these types of moments!

Heidi: How far in advance should a couple book their Wedding photographer?

Stella and Chris: While most photographers probably vary in this department, we at Mon Petit Studio typically book our Weddings 1 to 2 years in advance. This doesn’t mean that we haven’t booked a Wedding on short notice before, but we’re less likely to be available within the same year of inquiry. To provide the most dedicated service to our couples, we only accept a limited number of Weddings per year, this typically means that our calendar fills up fast.

Heidi: You have been featured in a number of Wedding magazines and blogs; Style Me Pretty, Seacoast Weddings Magazine, Grace Ormonde Weddings, Real Simple, NH Weddings Magazine, etc. In your opinion, what makes for great Wedding photos?

Stella and Chris: To be honest: It’s all about happiness. We’ve said before and we’ll say it again, we get to work with the best couples! Happiness is contagious, beautiful, and photographs perfectly. Your wedding day is filled with happiness and as long as you’re happy too, your photos will show all of that goodness.

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