Amanda + Kevin – Downtown Portsmouth NH Engagement Session

It’s no big secret that we love shooting on the historic cobblestone streets of Downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire. So, when this utterly adorable couple – Amanda + Kevin – told us that this is where they wanted us to help tell their love story, we were totally game. Between the brick buildings, the colorful charm, and the always beautiful Prescott Park – Downtown Portsmouth is like a mecca of hidden gems. We snuck this session right in-between a typical snow-storm and the historical “snowzilla” storm, and it couldn’t have been more perfect timing! The snow was still fresh on the trees allowing the slightest breeze to carry little flurries through the air. This, combined with the abundant sun made for some seriously gorgeous wintery moments. Oh, how we love love LOVE this session! Oh, wait! We can’t forget their two amazing little pups – Vinny + Bo! These two little fellas joined in for some fun at the very start of Amanda + Kevin’s session – aren’t they adorable?! It’s pretty safe to say that these two lovebirds absolutely rocked their session and we know that their wedding is going to be amazing too!

Go ahead and check out their totally fabulous session below and leave the happy couple some love.

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