April + Jordan – NH Maternity Session

April + Jordan’s recent session was rainy with a chance of baby bump. Yup! You read that right! A bit of April showers didn’t stop us from meeting up with another one of our rockstar couples, April + Jordan, and their pup Finnick, for their NH Maternity Session! We even brought along our MPS-Handmade-Teepee for an extra punch of fun! Filled to the brim with laughter, sillinesss, and a whole lot of love – this session will likely go down in history as one of our all time favies. We already can’t wait to meet their little sweetie-pie, Marvel, when she makes her grand appearance into the world!

We had so much fun documenting this growing family and we hope that you love their session as much as we do! Go ahead and leave these darlings some love in the comments below!

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