Black Leather Parent Album

We love when we’re expecting a brand new client album here at MPS! This album was especially exciting as it’s in a color that’s not always chosen. I know – You’d figure Black Leather would be one of the most common choices, it’s not, but maybe it should be. So, we were extra excited to share this stunner with you today. If you’re thinking about ordering your luxurious heirloom quality album from us and want to know all about this beauty, here are the deets:

8″ x 8″ Premium Stayflat Parent Album. Black Leather with Engraving. 15 Spreads.

The word “Luxurious” doesn’t even do this bad boy justice. It’s perfection.

Want to add an album to your wedding package with MPS? No problem. Let us know and we’ll send you the deets.

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