Book Release + Photo Shoot Debut – i am human/dog.

It’s finally here! We’re so excited to share that we have completed our book – AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!!

We LOVE our dog, Achilles. Like, really really LOVE him. He’s our fur-baby. We adopted him when he was a puppy and we believe that there are still so many dogs in shelters that could use our help too. When we originally decided to put together a project that would help other dogs in need, we had bounced around a few ideas but loved the idea of having other dogs help shelter dogs too! We decided that organizing a series of Alter Ego Photo Shoots and making a book would be perfect! What pet-parent hasn’t thought about what their dog would be if he/she were a human?! It was perfect.

i am human/dog is a book dedicated to all of our beloved 4-legged family members. We occasionally find ourselves wondering what our own pup, Achilles, would be if he were a human. Would he be a crime-fighting Superhero or maybe a Weatherman with a love for polyester suits? We decided to put together a photobook depicting some fun human/dog alter egos.

We had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful pets (and pretty awesome pet-parents too) and learn about what makes their dog special. Oh, and we got lots and LOTS of big wet kisses too!


A special thank you to all participating pups:

Baxter  – Kelly Grasso // Bullet  – Shaunna Campbell // Colby  – Deb Dumais // Jackson  – Amanda Woods // Keela  – Johanna & Kevin Ross // Layla  – Craig & Michelle Hansen // Louie  – Keri Chabot // Oakley  – Kaylie Matos Stewart // Rodney  – Jessica Alix & Mike Boulerice // Ryder  – Katie & Ryan Chase // Summit  – Catherine Baldvins Lantiegne // Wesly  – Stewart B. Mellentine // Wilson & Rocky  – Amy & Jared Bedrick and Robin Marchand

You all rock!

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