Breathe… Ten things every bride should know



So, you’re a little overwhelmed, eh? It’s ok. Things will get better.

We chat with many brides and we hear a lot of the same concerns and fears about that BIG day. Don’t fret. We all have them. I did too! Here’s a short list of ten things that a few wise women told me while I was planning my wedding and having those same fears.

1. The planning. It’s normal to freak out about the “what if’s?” What if the flowers aren’t correct? What if the linens don’t match? What if they send a baby-blue limo instead of white? These are pretty typical concerns. The truth is this… ready for it? If things go wrong, NO ONE WILL KNOW BUT YOU. Okay, so maybe your soon-to-be-hubby or maybe even your lovely helpful mother may know… but you can probably guess that 98% of your guests won’t know that you didn’t intend on the baby-blue limo.

2. The dress. You will look over-the-moon-drop-dead-ready-for-america’s-next-top-model-stunning in your wedding dress. It doesn’t matter if it cost you $50 or $10,000. You will look breathtaking. It is YOUR day so make sure you wear the dress that you want to wear, not what you think you should wear. Your groom will be speechless when you walk down the isle and he won’t be focused on your dress… he’ll be focused on you and the love you two share.

3. The tripping down the isle. It’s just not going to happen. First off, you’ll probably have dad {or another fabulous relative} escorting you down the isle. They’ll be holding you tight, you’ll have support. Secondly, you’ll walk slow… so if your heel happens to snag a little, you won’t be running a marathon and you’ll easily be able to compose yourself. I was so afraid of this happening on my wedding day that I actually forgot to put on my shoes before walking down the isle. Yup, true story. Oh, and guess what? No one noticed. (hello #1)

4. The weather. Oh, this is a biggie. I have yet to meet a bride who does not feverishly check the weather every day leading up to her wedding, trying to gage if it will be warm. This is 100% out of your control {unless you have some super powers, in which case, please move on to #5}. There is no reason to freak about this one, if it’s going to rain… baby, it’s going to rain. Instead, try to make some “just in case” plans: get a tent, rent umbrellas, bring a stole, etc. Another true story: We got married on Halloween. That’s typically a cool time of year in New England right? We prepared: Indoor wedding, fur stoles for the girls, etc. Well, it was nearly 70°! We kicked off our shoes and ran on the beach… no need for the fur stoles. Moral of the story: Anything can happen! Also, this is not something you should have to worry about with any of your vendors. They should all be prepared, rain or shine.

5. The vows. Another big concern is messing up your vows. Ok, so maybe I’m a bit of a cheesy-love-lover but I happen to find this endearing. You’re both going to be so emotional during this time. It’s perfectly normal {and darn cute} if your voice cracks and you forget the words you’ve memorized for weeks. Chances are, this is probably not the first time that your declaring your love for your soon-to-be-hubby. I had a giggling fit while saying mine. If you mess up, take a deep breath and continue… everything will be fine.

6. Your bridal party. They will look fabulous. They always do. Try to not freak out about the stubbly groomsman or the bridesmaid who just chopped off all her hair. Instead, try to focus on choosing garments and hair styles that will compliment each individual member of your beautiful bridal party. So many boutiques now offer great separates so that your girls can have matching skirts but different tops that suit their body-types. Same goes for the hair: your stylist should be able to make them all look stunning and keep a particular style in mind while coming up with beautiful arrangements for their various hair types. As for the guys, I have yet to see a guy who doesn’t look handsome as ever in a suit or tux, stubble and all!

7. Group photos. We always suggest taking some of these. Here’s the truth… you may be all about the photo-journalistic approach of catching moments as they happen. That’s what we specialize in. However, in 10 years, you may want to have a group shot of you and your loved ones. With that being said, your wedding day is going to fly by {more on this at #10} and you may want to just get the important combinations during your cocktail hour {parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.} because the real important shots typically need to be done during this time too: Your first portraits as Husband & Wife. Spending too much time on getting group shots with your cousins & aunts could leave your photographer with not enough time to capture you two on one of the biggest days of your lives! Besides, there’s always plenty of time to get uncle Joe’s pic on the dance floor. ;)

8. Food. It’s going to be delicious. Your guests are going to be delighted and your caterer will know exactly what to do if someone ordered fish but is now certain they ordered the chicken. This is no longer something to fret about. You’ve tasted the courses, you’ve picked your dishes, and you’ve given your guests choices, you’re done. The only thing you should try to do is enjoy your dinner. Simple as pie… or chicken.

9. The no-shows. Ugh. I really freaked out about this one. First off, it’s already sooo hard to put together a guest list when you have to keep a budget in mind. Everyone thinks that this is easy, until they have to do it themselves and then realize that you cannot simply invite every-single-person-you’ve-ever-met, unless of course you can afford the 500 person guest list, then hey, by all means, send us an invite too! However, if you’re like most brides, you’ll likely have a limit. Sometimes, this can be tough especially when you can’t invite person “A” because you have to invite person “B” and then when the big day arrives… person “B” is a no-show. I’m not going to lie: This is not a fun one but it will likely happen. I don’t think I have ever heard of a wedding where there wasn’t at least 1 no-show. Try to not to worry about this. Again, it’s out of your control. You can’t exactly force someone to attend just because they said they would. Is it polite guest-ettiquette? Nope, but you don’t know the full story. Maybe they got sick? Just hope that they’re well and go about enjoying your big day.

10. The day itself. It’s going to fly by like nothing you’ve experienced before. Everyone told us. We didn’t believe it. How could a day that starts so early and ends so late go by in the blink of an eye? Well, time flies when you’re having fun! It’s going to be a marvelous-exciting-exilirating-perfect day, and it’s going to be quick. So, the last but most important piece of advice is: ENJOY IT. It will be one of the most special days of your lives and it will be magical. Make sure to live it up! Dance your butt off, enjoy your delicious dinner, hug all your besties, drink champagne, laugh, and cry! Have the time of your life.



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