Christy + Jamie – Smuttynose Brewery Engagement Session – Portsmouth NH

When we started brainstorming ideas for Christy & Jamie’s engagement session, they both mentioned that they would love to do something different and something that says a little about them as a couple. They both love beer (they even make their own home brew!) and they love to just have fun. Having their session at Smuttynose Brewery just made perfect sense! Christy & Jamie drove all the way from their new home in Virginia with their adorable pup Dempsey (don’t worry, Dempsey photos to come!) for their engagement session at the Smuttynose Brewery in Portsmouth NH. Smuttynose makes amazing beer but they also have an amazing group of people too! They were so accommodating and even gave us a tour of their fantastic facility before we started shooting. So much texture, so much color, and oh-so-much-love! We absolutely LOVED working with Christy & Jamie on their unique engagement session and we can’t wait for their big day later this year! A giant thanks to the Smuttynose Brewery team {especially Ben} for allowing us to shoot in their facility and for being so amazing to work with!

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Christy + Jamie Q&A

How did you meet?

Christy: We met at a birthday party for our mutual friend Joanna. Jamie, Joanna and her now husband Bob all went to college together in upstate NY and a few years later Jo and I went to Dental School together in Boston. Luckily Jamie was living and working in Boston after college so we got to know each other as friends for a few years before we started dating.

Jamie: We met in the most romantic of locations…a bar in Boston at 1am, after far too many drinks.  Maybe that’s misleading.  We actually were first introduced then, but Christy was “the girl with a boyfriend”…so I had no choice to wait her out.  It wasn’t until about a year later when I convinced a then single Christy that we should go out sometime…of course, letting her think that she was making the moves all along.  It’s what I do…allow her to shine, whether she realizes it or not…she’s the better half after all.

What did you first notice about your sweetie?

Christy: Since we were sort of friends first, I noticed that Jamie was very easy going and generous…just always there for his friends, not worrying too much about himself. Then I noticed how handsome he is!

Jamie: Her legs…they’re amazing.  Well, that and her eyes, which always give you the sense that your current conversation is the most important thing in her life at that exact moment.

What do you like to do together?

Christy: We brew beer. It started as Jamie’s hobby long before I came along. I have always been a beer drinker so Jamie got me hooked on brewing after we made our first batch together. Now we have fun coming up with new recipes and perfecting our craft….and of course tasting!  We also love hanging out with our dog Dempsey.

Jamie: Brew beer, hang with our dog Dempsey, give each other a good ripping…and bang.  Definitely bang.

Who’s the most ticklish?

Christy: Definitely me. Some tickle fights have turned into near fist fights….a defensive strategy on my part.

Jamie: Christy.  Period…not even close.  But she hates it, which I don’t like…since I love tickling her.

Tell us the Proposal Story!

Christy: We travelled to Barbados with friends last April. Before we left for our trip a lot of friends asked if I thought we would be getting engaged and truthfully I said no. Our friends who organized the trip were at the same point in their relationship and I really thought it was going to be them to get engaged. After our first full day in paradise, playing and relaxing at the beach, we all went back to the house to get ready for dinner. Jamie suggested we check out the beach in front of the house and invited me on a walk. I was still oblivious! As we walked we talked about normal everyday sorts of things and all of a sudden, Jamie got down on one knee. I started to laugh at him because he had gotten down on one knee the year before in front of my entire family and asked if I would… drink his Bud Light Lime! So it couldn’t possibly be a real proposal this time either! Well it quickly became real as he said the most incredible speech, which of course I can barely remember, and asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him. With tears and laughter I said Yes! The surprise made it so special and the rest of our trip was amazing!

Jamie: We traveled to Barbados with a few friends, and I was able to mule the singe most expensive and tiny thing I ever purchased down with us.  A day at the beach and a half dozen Banks beers later, I went for a walk with Christy down the shoreline.  On possibly the singe greatest day of my life, in the single most beautiful setting I’d ever seen, I asked Christy to marry me.  She laughed.  Then realized I was serious.  Now we’re off to find other beautiful places together, with each other.

What’s your favorite feature/characteristic about your sweetie?

Christy: Jamie can always make me laugh. My favorite thing he does is sing crazy lyrics to the tune of popular songs about all sorts of topics. It impresses me how he just comes up with the silliest and funniest things off the top of his head.

Jamie: Her ability to find me funny.  Without that I’d never have stood a chance.  There’s a thousand things I could say about her…her smile, her eyes, the way she challenges me…but everyone knows that already.  This is the one that allowed me to spend my life with her.

Have you picked a honeymoon destination? If so, where are you going?

Christy: Not yet. We are hoping for a destination where we can relax and unwind but also experience some adventure! Any suggestions??

Jamie: No…any good ideas?  We need them!

How is the wedding planning going?

Christy: There have been ups and downs but mostly ups! We moved from Boston to Northern Virginia in the middle of the planning so I stressed out a lot about that for a while. We just got back from a trip to Boston and New Hampshire and I feel completely rejuvenated about the process. We accomplished so much and I feel more excited than ever for our wedding day!

Jamie: Pretty awesome…since Christy is driving the process.  She’s nailed it so far.

What are you most excited about for the wedding?

Christy: I can’t wait to spend 3 entire days at our venue, relaxing and enjoying the company of our friends and family.

Jamie: Can I say everything?  Everything!  Wait, no?  The photography?  Haha!…That’s the easy answer.  I’m looking forward to spending time with the closest 140 people I have in my life.  It’s going to be amazing…seriously.  Amazing.

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