Creative Black Tie Styled Shoot

We’ve been gearing up for BESWOON 2015 taking place February 28th at The Portland Company in Portland Maine. BESWOON is a fabulous curated bridal showcase that allows couples to be part of 3 individually styled rooms, each with a unique team of talented local vendors –You can taste the menu, hear the music, see the decorations, and feel how all of the details can come together. Pretty rad, right? This year, we’ve been selected to participate in the Creative Black Tie Room along with some über talented vendors. A very special thank you to our amazing bride {Jessica Monroe} who agreed to model for this styled shoot!

“For our Creative Black Tie themed design we wanted to create a modern and chic tablescape that combined traditional elegance with a hint of whimsy. Our inspiration was the idea of a formal affair that would offer guests an unexpected contemporary twist. Our black and gold palette was combined with subtle pops of color and fun geometric shapes. We took over a room in an old industrial mill and transformed it into a stylish space that you could envision as a downtown loft in any urban city. Our theme was carried throughout the contemporary food presentation and bold cake. The model’s sleek and elegant champagne colored dress completed our stylish and modern look.”
– Emily St. Pierre, All The Fuss Events

Take a peek below for a glimpse of what you’ll see at the event. This styled shoot couldn’t have happened without this fabulous team. We can’t wait to see you there!

Planning + Design: All The Fuss Events // Photography: Mon Petit Studio // Catering: The White Apron // Flowers: Studio Vincca // Stationery: Impress Me Designs // Cake: Cake Elizabeth // Hair + Make-Up: Lauren Rogers // Dress: Inspirations Bridal // Rentals: Special Events of New England // Model: Jessica Monroe // Location: Washington Street Mills

MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-1 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-2 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-3 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-4 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-5 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-6 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-7 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-8 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-9 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-10 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-11 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-12 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-12b MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-13 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-14 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-15 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-16 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-17 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-18 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-19 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-20 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-21 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-22 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-23 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-24 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-25 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-25b MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-26 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-27 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-27b MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-28 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-29 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-30 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-31 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-32 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-33 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-34 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-35 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-36 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-37 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-38 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-39 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-40 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-41 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-42 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-43 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-43b MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-44 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-45 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-46 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-47 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-48 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-49 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-50 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-51 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-51b MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-52 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-54 MonPetitStudio-BESWOON2015-55

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