Emily + Dana – York Maine Union Bluff Wedding

Emily + Dana said their I Do’s surrounded by family, friends, and a few dozen seagulls and it was SPECTACULAR! It was a perfect day at Union Bluff in York Beach, Maine, where these two sweeties vowed their love for one another while overlooking the perfectly blue ocean. The hints of coastal charm combined with pops of lush lavender tones made for the most beautiful mix! To top things off, these two were surrounded by so much love it was evident in every single moment of their day. From the happily teary-eyed mommas assisting in the getting ready, to the beautifully officiated ceremony by the bride’s uncle, to the ever-so-heartfelt {yet hilarious} toasts given by the Best Man & Maid of Honor, right down to the mega-hella-make-you-want-to-shake-your-groove-thang dance floor boogie downs – this wedding was downright epic. Their collection is bound to knock your socks off and we hope you love their collection as much as we do! Go ahead – leave the gorgeous couple some love in the comments below! 

Emily + Dana,

What an absolutely gorgeous wedding! You two are positively made for one another and we had so much fun working with both of you! We wish you a long, loving, and blissful marriage!

Chris + Stella

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Don’t know the secret password for the full album? Don’t Fret. Ask the happy couple, they’ll know! If you find a pic you just can’t live without, you can purchase it directly from this album {don’t worry, the watermark won’t be printed on your pretty picture}

Vendor LOVE: Wedding Photography: Mon Petit Studio (Newmarket, NH) | Ceremony & Reception: Union Bluff (York, ME)   |  Bridal Dress: Aliber’s Bridal (Greenfield, MA)   |  Flowers: York Flower Shop (York, ME)   |  Cake: Triple Sweet Cupcakes (South Berwick, ME)  |  DJ: Bride’s Cousin  |  Hair: Hairs 2 You (Sunderland, MA)  |  Makeup: Groom’s Mother   |  Officiant: Bride’s Uncle  |  Favors: Stone Wall Kitchen

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