Erin + Blake – A Rainy Wagon Hill Farm Engagement Session – Durham NH

Sometimes, a little rain can be a beautiful thing! When we first met Erin & Blake, we knew they would be so much fun to work with! They’re super laid back (which is incredible considering they both work in the medical field as an EMT and Paramedic!) and just love enjoying each other’s company. When they look at each other, they instantly smile. It’s the cutest thing and you can just feel the love these two share. We held our session at the always beautiful Wagon Hill Farm in Durham NH. When the forecast called for a little rain & thunder, Erin & Blake didn’t flinch, they just brought along their umbrella and smiles! The beautiful lush green trees provided shelter during the off and on light drizzles of rain. Occasionally, the sun would peek out just to give us a little extra soft hazy glow. Love! Erin & Blake are tying the knot later this year and we can’t wait for their big day!

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Erin + Blake’s Q&A

How did you meet?

Erin: We met at work. He helped me change an oxygen tank in the ambulance when no one else would.

Blake: Well, Erin and I met at work! I was a new employee at the time still getting to know everyone when I saw her through the crowd. I was looking for a natural reason to introduce myself to her when fate gave me a helping hand. I saw Erin struggling to lift a large oxygen tank into her truck, so like a knight, I pushed people out of my way to get to Erin and help her. I used that opportunity to introduce myself and spark a conversation. It was a short conversation, but I was hooked.

What did you first notice about your sweetie?

Erin: He loves to talk!

Blake: Well, we have to wear uniforms at work, which aren’t very flattering but Erin looked damn good in that uniform and I never got tired of following her around. I also never got tired of watching Erin’s face light up when she smiles.

What do you like to do together?

Erin: Blake introduced me to the world of craft beers. We like to take trips to try new craft beers, take brewery tours and eat food.

Blake: I love traveling with Erin, we always have so much fun together. I’m the type of person that runs around attempting to cram as much possible into a small trip. Erin helps me to slow down and enjoy the trip with her. Now the best part of our trip is exploring a new place with each other. Erin and I also enjoy craft beer and visiting breweries.

Who’s the most ticklish?

Erin: Definitely Blake!

Blake: Unfortunately, I’m the ticklish one, Erin is a stone. I have a few spots that Erin uses to her advantage. With a simple light touch, I start laughing and Erin gets whatever she wants.

Tell us the Proposal Story!

Erin: On the last day of our Oregon trip, we drove up to Washington to take a helicopter ride to see Mount St. Helen. Afterwards we took a short hike to a lookout. We were sitting down enjoying the view and he asked if I wanted my last present of the week (he had been giving me pandora beads all week). I opened the box and it was the ring. He said “So will you?”, “Will I what?”, I asked. Of course, I said yes, but he needed to ask me the question first.

Blake: Well, for weeks I struggled to figure out the best way to propose. I thought about a singing musical proposal, or a flash dance proposal, or even just kneeling down at dinner, but none of those were Erin and I. Then it hit me, we had already planned a trip to Portland, Oregon, so I organized a day trip to Mount St. Helen. Once there, we took a helicopter ride around the mountain and enjoyed the amazing view. After the helicopter, we drove to one of the hiking trail entrances and hiked to the best scenic view the mountain had to offer. Sitting down, holding hands and enjoying the view, I couldn’t stop smiling. That was when I knew it was the best time, so I pulled out the ring and Erin began to cry. I asked her and she said yes!! Best day of my life!

What’s your favorite feature/characteristic about your sweetie?

Erin: He is very caring and affectionate.

Blake: Well, as I mentioned above, my favorite feature is watching Erin from behind!! LOL. Also, my favorite characteristic about Erin is her calmness and thoughtfulness. She helps me to stop and think about things before I make rash decisions. She is the perfect ying to my yang.

Have you picked a honeymoon destination? If so, where are you going?

Erin: Not yet, but anywhere with Blake will be fun.

Blake: Not yet, but I would love to go castle exploring in Scotland and Ireland!

How is the wedding planning going?

Erin:  So far… very easy (knock on wood).

Blake: It’s moving along very well, everything is pretty much booked. Now we just have to iron out the details and finish all the craft projects that we are doing. Things are getting real.

What are you most excited about for the wedding?

Erin:  Cupcakes!! Oh and marrying Blake… love ya!

Blake: I’m excited about the food, the beer, the cake of course, but I’m most looking forward to spending this special day with my sweetie.

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