Jessica + Anthony – Rye Harbor State Park Wedding

If we could only choose one word to describe Jessica + Anthony’s Rye Harbor State Park Wedding it would be FLAWLESS. We’ve been oh-so-very-eagerly awaiting their wedding day since the first time we met with them. You see, these two – to put it simply – rock. They’re so friendly, so excited about life, and so so SO in love. Their love is obvious in every single moment together. The moment that we first arrived to capture these two lovies getting ready at the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel in Downtown Portsmouth NH, we ran into the florist in the lobby and got to see the impeccable bouquets. From that moment, we just knew that this was going to be a good day – a very good day. It was a perfect Summer day with clear blue skies and two best friends getting married while surrounded by so much love & laughter. When Jessica got into her stunning wedding dress {seriously, that dress is killer}, and Anthony was decked out in his fabulous navy suit and pretty rad anchor socks, we hopped on a trolley and headed off for their heartfelt first look in the Prescott Park Gardens. It was positively dreamy. Surrounded by lush flowers, these two saw each other for the first time and there was not one dry eye in the crowd of observers. Their Ceremony & Reception took place in the absolutely drop dead stunning Rye Harbor State Park where we were all surrounded by perfectly blue skies and endless ocean views. There was even an unexpected surprise for the Bride & Groom while they exchanged their vows – a plane with a beautiful flying banner with “Congrats Anthony & Jessica” trailing behind. The Reception itself was under a glorious sailcloth tent overlooking the water, and the details – oh, those, gorgeously placed, meticulously designed, and perfectly flawless details. Navy blues, pure whites, hints of gold, a trio of gorgeous cakes, and endless stunning floral arrangements. It’s fair to say that Jessica is one heck of a DIY Bride. Yeah, seriously. We strolled the park and beach for some amazing portraits during sunset and these two sweethearts danced the night away with their families & friends {shout out to the kickass family + wedding party – you all ROCKED it!} under a beautifully lit tent under the crisp night sky. Jessica & Anthony, you were so freaking right – it was the Best. Day. Ever.

This collection is {without a single shred of doubt} going to melt your heart.

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Jessica + Anthony,

We are SO very happy that you chose us to document your big day! You two are positively made for each other and we cannot wait to hear about what the future brings for you two!

Chris + Stella

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Don’t know the secret password for the full album? Don’t Fret. Ask the happy couple, they’ll know! If you find a pic you just can’t live without, you can purchase it directly from this album {don’t worry, the watermark won’t be printed on your pretty picture}

Vendor LOVE: Wedding Photography: Mon Petit Studio (Newmarket, NH)  |  Wedding Day Coordination: Everyday Details (Hampton, NH)  |  Ceremony & Reception: Rye Harbor State Park (Rye, NH)   |  Bridal Dress: Christina’s Bridal (Andover, MA)   |  Flowers: Cymbidium Floral (Exeter, NH)   |  Cake: Wild Orchid Baking Company (Dover, NH)  |  Invitations: Gus & Ruby Letterpress (Portsmouth, NH)  |  DJ: Luke Lanigan of The Music Man DJ Service (Kennebunk, ME)  |  Catering: Billingsgate Event Catering (Exeter, NH)  |  Rentals: Exeter Events and Tents (Exeter NH)  |  Hair: Kristen Chace of Tonic Hair Studio (Greenland, NH)  |  Makeup: Sonja Jacobson Skincare & Makeup Studio (Stratham, NH)   |  Officiant: Family Friend  |  Getting Ready Location: Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel (Portsmouth, NH)  |  Transportation: Great Bay Limousine (Portsmouth NH)  |  Favors: Shutterbooth New England (Woburn, MA)  |  Late night coffee bar: Espresso Dave’s Catering Service

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