Josie + Matt – Wagon Hill Farm Engagement Session

Josie + Matt (and Pepper too!) are as cute as can be and we LOVE their Wagon Hill Farm engagement session! It was a perfect New England day filled with a fabulous array of Autumn colors and a delicate post-rainy-day-breeze. We took full advantage of the woodsy trails that the farm has to offer, stopping for some loving moments and laughter along the way, and then Josie + Matt curled up on a blanket with a few of their favorite books. Sure, there were a few impromptu moments where Pepper wanted in on the fun – showering her pet-parents with lots of kisses – but that just added to the perfection of this gorgeous little session! These three couldn’t possibly get any cuter! Josie + Matt are eloping later this year and we’ve been eagerly anticipating working with them! Their love for eachother is evident in every moment captured and their sweet pup, Pepper, is a love bug too! Just in case you’re wondering: Pepper will certainly be a big part of Josie + Matt’s big day – she’ll be the Flower Girl! We told ya – Perfection. :)

Go ahead and check out their totally fabulous session below and leave the happy couple some love in the comments! 

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Don’t know the secret password? Don’t Fret. Ask the happy couple, they’ll know! If you find a pic you just can’t live without, you can purchase it directly from this album.

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