Katelyn + Jason – Wes Anderson Inspired Engagement Session

When Katelyn + Jason first reached out to us about their upcoming nuptials and their overall unique vision for their Wedding + Engagement Style, we were hooked. These two are avid fans of Wes Anderson films and we knew that we wanted to work with them to bring their ideas to life with a highly styled engagement session inspired by the talented Filmmaker. We channeled our inner quirky, out-of-place, and obsessive compulsive love of symmetry to evoke inspiration from various Wes Anderson films. Coupled with Katelyn + Jason’s ingenious idea to raid their parents’ homes for all things vintage, we worked together to create a wonderful world of out-of-place details on the wooded beach of Pawtuckaway Sate Park in Nottingham NH. With inspiration from various Wes Anderson films like Moonrise Kingdom, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and more – this session was a TON of fun to shoot! Katelyn + Jason absolutely nailed it and we love everything about this highly elaborate, amazingly awesome, and super detailed Wes Anderson Inspired Engagement Session. Katelyn + Jason will be saying their “I Do’s” next year and we know their wedding will be positively amazing.

Go ahead and check out their totally fabulous session below and leave the happy couple some love in the comments! Warning: This is a very image heavy post!

Enjoy our teaser set below! Check out our facebook page for pictures from this teaser set! 

The FULL gallery of images can be found here. 
Don’t know the secret password? Don’t Fret. Ask the happy couple, they’ll know! If you find a pic you just can’t live without, you can purchase it directly from this album.

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