Kristen + Chris – Atkinson Country Club Wedding

Kristen + Chris are made for each other and we absolutely-positively-adored documenting the love that these two sweeties share! We knew that we were going to love working with them from the moment we met them – they’re fun, charismatic, and pretty hilarious too! While their engagement session was filled with snow, their wedding day was filled with laughter! From the moment we arrived, we knew it was going to be a beautiful event. The grounds at Atkinson Country Club in Atkinson NH are stunning and the weather was spot-on perfect. Kristen slipped into her flawless laced gown assisted by her bridesmaids/sisters and Chris anxiously awaited his stunning bride alongside his fellas. The ceremony was short and sweet, leaving us with ample time to explore the beautiful grounds before the moon started to show and the daylight slowly slipped away. Can you see that beautiful moon in the background?! Love! The reception was oodles of fun too! A packed dance floor, an abundance of joy, and so so so much love! The subtle elegant details were a perfect match for this superbly classic wedding. We love their wedding collection and we hope you do too!

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Kristen + Chris,

We knew your wedding was going to be amazing and it was! You two were simply delightful to work with and we cannot wait to hear about what the future brings for you two!

Chris + Stella

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Vendor LOVE: Wedding Photography: Mon Petit Studio (Newmarket, NH)  |  Ceremony + Reception: Atkinson Country Club (Atkinson, NH)  |  Bridal Dress: Cristina’s Bridal (Andover, MA)   |  Flowers: Chalifours (Manchester, NH)   |  Cake: Jacques Pastries (Suncook, NH)  |  Invitations: DesignWares (Nashua, NH)  |  DJ: Main Event Entertainment, Ken Dionne (Londonderry, NH)   |  Videographer:  Peter Soby (Brides Uncle)  |  Hair + Makeup: Serenity Spa and Salon (Tyngsboro, MA)  |  Officiant: Robert Mondello (Brides Grandfather)

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