Lauren + Jason – Abenaqui Country Club Wedding

Lauren + Jason are SO in love and it shows in every single moment from their fabulous wedding day! From the moment we met these two sweeties, we knew we were going to enjoy documenting the love they share. They’re both kind-hearted, loving, easy-going, and funny too! We started their big day at two gorgeous private residences in the New Hampshire Seacoast, where we were so excited to see that both the Bride & Groom were cool, calm, collected, and just excited about saying their I Do’s within a couple of hours. Shortly after, we headed to their Ceremony location at St. Theresa Catholic Church in Rye, New Hampshire. Their Ceremony was classic and lovely with readings, laughter, and a heartfelt exchange of vows. The beautiful stained glass windows in the church turned colors as the sun started to set along the coast. Lauren + Jason were whisked away in a limo after their Ceremony and we all headed to a small rocky beach for a few after-dusk shots by the ocean. It was a hazy, cool, salty air, kind of night and it was divine. Moments later, we headed to the gorgeous Abenaqui Country Club for their elegant reception. Lauren + Jason were toasted by their loving family & friends, they cut their cake, danced to their favorite tunes, and even stopped by our very own photo booth setup for some silly portrait fun. All in all: It truly was an amazing day filled to the brim with so much love and laughter!

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Lauren + Jason,

You two are absolutely-positively made for one another and your day was filled with SO MUCH LOVE!  We cannot wait to hear about what the future brings for you two!

Chris + Stella

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Vendor LOVE: Wedding Photography: Mon Petit Studio (Newmarket, NH)  |  Ceremony: St. Theresa Catholic Church (Rye, NH)   |  Reception: Abenaqui Country Club (Rye, NH)  |  Bridal Dress: Madeleine’s Daughter (Portsmouth, NH)   |  Flowers: Flowers by Leslie (Portsmouth, NH)   |  Cake: Beach Pea Bakery (Kittery, ME)  |  Invitations: Gus & Ruby Letterpress (Portsmouth, NH)  |  DJ: Scott Langlois of Cuzin Richard Entertainment  |  Officiant: Fr. Maurice Lavigne

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