Lauren + Jason – Coastal Rye NH Engagement Session

Get ready to start smiling – these two are so sweet for one another and they’re all giggles! We met Lauren + Jason for their delightful engagement session at a location that’s not only gorgeous – it’s filled with loads meaning! First off, Lauren’s parents practically live across the street. Second, the couple will be tying the knot and then celebrating the night away right up the road. Third, it’s where Jason proposed {oh yeah – there’s a reenactment!}! I know – it’s like a mecca of awesome cherished spots in one! It was a perfect New England day on the coast – breezy, salty, and blue in every direction. We LOVED every minute of working with these two. They’re so much fun – cracking us up the whole time – and the love they share is evident in every single smile. We’re obsessed with their collection and we can’t wait for their wedding later this year. It’s going to be totally fantastical.

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Don’t know the secret password? Don’t Fret. Ask the happy couple, they’ll know! If you find a pic you just can’t live without, you can purchase it directly from this album {don’t worry, the watermark won’t be printed on your pretty picture}

Lauren + Jason Q&A

How did you meet?

Lauren: My friend dragged me to a yoga demonstration by telling me there was a hot guy there…That was the night Jason and I met. He was the demo-er! I started taking classes from him because I wanted to be able to do what he could do. 

JasonOK……I was her yoga teacher….oops.

What did you first notice about your sweetie?

Lauren: The first thing I noticed was how skilled he was in the art of yoga, both in postures and life…..and his biceps…..: ) 

JasonI first noticed her beautiful curly hair and big smile inside and out. 

What do you like to do together?

Lauren: We like to eat, surf, yoga, travel, play with our dog Harry, and just “be”.


Who’s the most ticklish?

Lauren: ME!

JasonI concur.

Tell us the Proposal Story!

Lauren: I had a bit of an idea of what was going on, but I didn’t know when. Then, out of the blue, Jason came home from work one day and was all huffy and puffy and wanted to go for a walk REALLY BADLY. I figured he had a long day. Turns out, he was just really nervous! As if I would say NO! No wayyyyyy. We took our dog for a walk and Jason gruffly suggested we sit on our favorite rock spot. It wasn’t until he pulled out a ring that I realized what was going on. He’s so sly, that Jason…

Jason: Called her dad. Met with her dad while drinking a big glass of wine provided by her mom. Got the OK from her dad. Made my move : ) The rest is history.

What’s your favorite feature/characteristic about your sweetie?

Lauren: His giggle

Jason: Her openness

Have you picked a honeymoon destination? If so, where are you going?

Lauren: Italy!! I can’t wait for endless delicious food and quality time with Jason!


How is the wedding planning going?

LaurenIt’s all on schedule for the most part. Each day brings a new task. 


What are you most excited about for the wedding?

Lauren: Oh so many things, but mostly to just be married to my huckleberry friend.

JasonThe ceremony and ritual around the sacred bond.

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