Melissa + Freddie – Castle Island South Boston Engagement Session

Are you ready to smile? Good, ’cause Melissa + Freddie {and Maisy too!} are going to make you all sorts of happy. These two are so in love and it shows in every moment of their South Boston Engagement Session. Seriously… could these two be any cuter?! We had so much fun photographing their Castle Island Engagement Session – from exploring the historical fort itself, to rolling around on the grass with their beloved pup Maisy, to sneaking a few secret moments on the beach – Melissa + Freddie totally rocked their session. Oh, and the most awesome bonus of all? These two are HILARIOUS! They kept cracking us up the whole time! It’s pretty obvious that we cannot wait for their totally amazing wedding next year at Longlook Farm! It’s going to be wicked awesome. Yup, wicked. Go ahead and check out their totally fabulous session below and leave the happy couple some love in the comments section! 

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Melissa + Freddie Q&A

How did you meet?

Melissa: My younger sister found Freddie on and sent me his profile. I had gone on a horrific date with someone else and gave up on Match, but she was convinced he was the one. What made me “wink” at him was his great smile, his picture with Maisy, and his funny profile. I knew our humor would “match”.

Freddie: Hmmmmmm, never thought that I would ever try online dating, but being able to “select or shop” for your potential match made perfect sense.  Hahaha. It actually helped to cut through a lot of the BS if you know what I mean. When I saw the wink and her beautiful pic, I actually thought “what’s wrong with her”. She’s too perfect. So, I couldn’t wait to meet her. ;-)

What did you first notice about your sweetie?

Melissa: We met at a restaurant, so he was there first. He stood up and I thought, “Thank god he didn’t lie about his height” haha. After that I loved how he talks with his hands like I do, and he was not afraid to laugh out loud and tell endearing stories about his friends and family.

Freddie: Sooooo, I actually thought that she was wayyyy too good to be true, but her warm smile and of course how beautiful she was.  But you all know that already.

What do you like to do together?

Melissa: Where do I start?? I can’t think of anything I don’t like to do with him. I am marrying my best friend, so other than a marathon shopping trip, I’m pretty sure he would be up for any adventure. Some of our favorites are going to the beach, relaxing with pizza and a movie, taking Maisy for walks, and snuggling.

Freddie: HELLO. Ok, keep it clean… Simply, having fun, enjoying our time together and making the most of things. So, anything and everything (except marathon shopping).

Who’s the most ticklish?

Melissa: I would say him, but he has ninja moves so I can never get close enough to pin him down!!

Freddie: Absolutely my wife to be. She screams like she is in a horror movie. It makes me laugh a lot.

Tell us the Proposal Story!

Melissa: Well……. Long story short, I spent a good deal of time this winter in my sweatpants trying to survive the cold. So instead of a big elaborate night out, Freddie knew me well enough to bring me breakfast in bed with my gorgeous engagement ring in a cute little box!! He said “if I can’t get Nana out to the ring, I will bring the ring to Nana”. Haha

Freddie: Leading up to the proposal was a bit “interesting” to say the least & one for the books for sure. Bfast in bed via flowers, hearts, bagel & her fav lucky charms.  Totally surprised, tears and all. Almost flipped the bfast tray over onto me & the bed. Beautiful day for sure.

What’s your favorite feature/characteristic about your sweetie?

Melissa: He will say my boobs I think!! But for me it is his humor, loving heart, and willingness to put others before himself. Freddie will give you his last dime if you needed it. I have never met anyone so generous in the truest meaning of the word. I feel blessed to have found him and be part of his life.

Freddie: Her eyes. Get it. Haha. So many things and def could go on and on. The boys will def “rank” on me for this but her love of family, friends and those in need. Very uplifting and makes me want to be a better son, brother, friend and overall person. She makes me right.

Have you picked a honeymoon destination? If so, where are you going?

Melissa: I would love to go anywhere that has those little huts on stilts in the water. I want some person to paddle up in a boat with our umbrella drinks!! So Fiji maybe?? ;)

Freddie: Again. Another rank for my boys to use. Everyday is a honeymoon with Melissa. Wherever she wants to go. However, She keeps on talking about the “Irish Riveria” which to me is Castle Island. So, I’m all in.

How is the wedding planning going?

Melissa: Since we have the most amazing photographers, I’m saying GREAT!! Seriously though we are so happy to have you two on our side for the big day! Clearly you guys can get Freddie to “kiss and smile” and twirl me like a pro!! We are very excited to be at the beautiful Longlook Farm and have the rest of the team there to make our day fun and full of laughs & love!!

Freddie: “yes dear, whatever you say dear”. I know the drill due to everyone telling me what to do via say “yes”. Honestly couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait to celebrate and reconnect with everyone over 4 days on the farm. Will be a blast!!

What are you most excited about for the wedding?

Melissa: The look on Freddie’s face when he sees me for the first time in my wedding dress. Best. Moment. Ever.

Freddie: Another one for the boys… Haha…   saying YES when asked if I take melissa to be my wife.


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