Michaela & Adam’s Spring-Filled Engagement Session – Springfield, Vermont

We had a wonderful time hanging out with Michaela & Adam in Springfield, Vermont! We even got to meet a few of their sweet family members (including a big fluffy pup!) while we were there! Michaela & Adam are tying the knot this October and we just can’t wait for their big day! Aren’t these two just so perfect together?! Their engagement session was absolutely gorgeous and took place at Adam’s grandparents’ beautiful home surrounded by lush trees and breathtaking views! Honestly, we couldn’t help but “oooh” and “aah” while editing! It almost looks like they’re stuck in a painting. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

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How did you meet? 

Bride’s Answer: I went to college with his twin, Aric. Aric convinced me to meet Adam after we had gone camping in AZ for a week for one of our classes. The first time I actually met Adam he was wicked drunk and actually ended up literally “sweeping me off my feet” and took my legs out from under me, and knocked me on my butt! He made up for it the next time we met, he was much sweeter and laid on the charm pretty thick.

Groom’s Answer: My twin brother introduced us, which I will never hear the end of! The night I met Michaela, I went up to her college with a friend for the night. After my brother introduced us, I put the charm on and made her fall “head over heels” for me.

What did you first notice about your sweetie?

Bride’s Answer: Super handsome! Also that he winked A LOT! To be honest, at first I thought he had a twitch or something since he has some scars over that eye. I figured something was wrong, but it wasn’t, he was winking the whole time trying to be cute! He also has a wicked grin when he’s trying not to smile.

Groom’s Answer: She completely fell for my charm.

What do you like to do together?

Bride’s Answer: All sorts of things! Hiking, swimming, paintball, skiing, going to the movies, Patriots games, and Celtics games! :)

Groom’s Answer: Watch sports, watch movies, and hang out at Lake Winnipesaukee.

Who’s the most ticklish? 

Bride’s Answer: Me! He can just grab my sides, not even trying to tickle me, and I’ll die laughing!

Groom’s Answer: Michaela… by far.

Tell us the proposal story!  

Bride’s Answer: He totally gave it away with little hints! He was still in the Police Academy and was almost done so he was really stressing going out and having a nice date. So date night came along, and my brother and his fiancée, come to dinner with us, so I was talking myself out of it, like, “oh, it’s not going to happen and I’m being crazy.” Also, during the week, he was like, “we should go on a hike”, and being really suspicious. So, I was thinking that maybe he’d do it on the hike. So we got back to my parents house and my dad had a fire going. He told us all to grab a glass of wine and come outside to toast my mom (her birthday was coming up so it didn’t seem very odd). I went to put sweatpants on, when I came back into the room, Adam was waiting for me with a glass of wine. We went outside and sat down with everyone. We gave my mom her toast and I started chatting with my neighbor. I started playing around with the charm that was hanging from the stem of my wine glass. I was not paying attention to it at all. About 20 minutes later, I finished my wine and started talking to Adam. He told me that I should hold the empty glass in my left hand which I thought was a bizarre statement! He kind of looked down at the charm, so I followed his eyes and saw a faint outline of a ring! I couldn’t believe it! I was drinking the wine and playing with the ring the whole time! The first thing I said was, “what is that?”, then “are you serious?!”, then I started to cry, “…did it come out of a gum ball machine?!” (He had always said that he would do that so I had to make sure!) Then, he got on one knee and asked me to marry him! :)

Groom’s Answer: Michaela’s father and I had been scheming for a few weeks. On 11.19.11, I picked up the ring. I only had weekends off because I was at the Police Academy during the week, so I decided to ask her that night. That night, we were at Michaela’s parents’ house with her family. I put the ring on a wine glass charm and handed Michaela the glass of wine. Michaela finished the glass of wine and did not realize that she was playing with her ring at the bottom of the glass. I finally said, “why don’t you put that glass in your left hand?” She noticed the ring and started crying. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

What’s your favorite feature/characteristic about your sweetie?  

Bride’s Answer: His smile, and just his general character. He’s funny and makes me laugh when I need a pick-me-up. He simply always makes me smile.

Groom’s Answer: She’s fun to be around. We always have a good time no matter what we are doing together.

Have you picked a honeymoon destination? If so, where are you going?  

Bride’s Answer: I don’t know! He will not tell me!

Groom’s Answer: Top secret.

How is the wedding planning going?  

Bride’s Answer:  Great! Just a few details left! We pretty much just have to wait now.

Groom’s Answer: I’m glad I have Michaela to pick up my slack.

What are you most excited about for the wedding?  

Bride’s Answer:  Seeing him for the first time in his tux, and the partying/dancing. We both have fun families so it’s going to be a great time!

Groom’s Answer: Having all our family and friends there. It’s going to be a fun time!

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