New Wedding Photography Packing

If you know us here at Mon Petit Studio, you know that we love love LOVE presenting our couples with lovely hand-crafted packages. Well, we’ve made a few changes to both our Wedding Welcome Pack and our Final Wedding Package and we’re excited to share them with you! We’ve put a lot of thought and love into our new wedding packaging and we hope that you love them too! Don’t worry Portrait Clients – We promise that your delivered goodies will be just as lovely as they’ve always been!

Below is our Final Wedding Package that our 2015 + 2016 couples will be receiving. This package includes a beautiful handmade ceramic ring dish customized with our couples’ initials + wedding date, a lovely gold-dipped natural wood pencil, and of course, a wooden keepsake usb flash drive containing all of your gorgeous high resolution wedding images.

MonPetitStudioPackage2015-1 MonPetitStudioPackage2015-3 MonPetitStudioPackage2015-4MonPetitStudioPackage2015-2 MonPetitStudioPackage2015-5 MonPetitStudioPackage2015-6 MonPetitStudioPackage2015-7 MonPetitStudioPackage2015-8 MonPetitStudioPackage2015-9 MonPetitStudioPackage2015-10 MonPetitStudioPackage2015-11


While we’re at it, check out our NEW wedding welcome package! Quite similar to our past welcome packs, these include our custom MPS tote bag (we love ours too!), a mini moleskin notebook (perfect for wedding note-taking and fitting in your purse), and of course, a wooden slide top box of chocolates – because love is sweet.


MonPetitStudioPackage2015-12 MonPetitStudioPackage2015-13 MonPetitStudioPackage2015-14 MonPetitStudioPackage2015-15 MonPetitStudioPackage2015-16 MonPetitStudioPackage2015-17 MonPetitStudioPackage2015-18

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