Painting the Sofa Black + Tiny Sneak Peek of Our New Studio!

Remember in Alice in Wonderland when the Queen had requested that her roses be painted red? Well, I was humming along to that tune the entire time we were painting our sofa black! Yes, you read that right… we PAINTED our SOFA. Okay, before you get all weirded out, let me say that I was initially thrown off by the idea myself, but nonetheless, we decided to go for it.

A little background story. As some of you may have already heard, via our Facebook updates, we just moved into our sweet new studio space! About a month before we officially moved in, we started decorating the space in our heads… (fine, I started decorating the space in MY head). We wanted a sweet sofa to complete the space. Something cool. Something different.

I immediately thought vintage because I LOVE mixing modern with antique. I started checking out craigslist and there she was: A Gem. I fell in love with her the minute I saw her tiny blurry pic with short description. I emailed the seller and she said “you can take it for $25”. What? $25? Hells to the yes. This sweetie was mine. We picked her up and she sat in my basement for a week. I loved her shape, her tufting, her trim, but her fabric had seen better days. It’s not that the fabric was ugly, it was just not going to work with our decor. I knew that getting her re-upholstered was going to cost A LOT, and we couldn’t spend that kind of dough on a piece of furniture that will probably only get sat on during client meetings. So… I was stuck. Then, my mom (my utterly brilliant mom – love ya!) said, “why don’t you paint it?”… clearly I must have heard her wrong. PAINT it? With what? That just didn’t sound right. She assured me that this was totally something that people were doing. So… I googled it.

It was true! People paint couches, and chairs, and sofas! I landed on this blog post by Fabric Bliss and was convinced. She even provided a full list of what you needed! I was going to paint my $25 sofa. I mean, how much did I really have to lose?! So off we went to Lowes and picked up our supplies. Here’s what we used:

– 2 Quarts Flat Black Paint (yup, like house paint)

– 2 Bristle Brushes

– 4 Bottles of Textile Medium (from Michaels)

– 1 Roll of Painter’s Tape

Then, we went to town! I must admit, taping took A LOT of time but kiddos, if you do this, trust me… you must tape! The end result? I absolutely 100% ADORE the way she turned out. Thank you so much Fabric Bliss for giving me the courage and tutorial on how to do this. I probably would not have done it without having seen how amazing your couch came out! Heck, maybe this post will push someone else out there to go ahead and paint their own sofa!

So, enjoy our pics below of the before and after transformation as well as a tiny little sneak peek of our new space! I swear we’ll post more pictures of our space once it’s all finished! Enjoy!

paintcouch1 paintcouch2 paintcouch3



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