The Austin Family – York Maine Maternity + Family Session

We can’t get enough of the Austin Family! Chase is one of the most fun little dudes we’ve ever met, second-time-momma-to-be Kristin is as stylish as can be, and Matt is ready for all the fun! This family just couldn’t be any more photogenic and we can’t get enough of their lovely maternity/family session photos taken on a brisk beach day in York Maine. We can’t decide what we love more about this session – the ultra chic styling or the overall joy on Chase’s face when asked about how excited he is to be a big brother! So sweet! Kristin + Matt are expecting their second boy, Davis, in July and we know he’s going to fit right in with the rest of the gang. You haven’t seen the last of Chase on the MPS Blog – We can’t wait for his birthday party in June!

We had so much fun documenting this growing family and we hope that you love their session as much as we do! Go ahead and leave The Austin Family some love in the comments below! 

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