The Friendly Tree

This year, we’ll be hosting a Friendsgiving at our home and we wanted to do something special for our guests to partake in. While we’ll be enjoying laughter, drinks, food, and games – Thanksgiving is not only a perfect occasion to celebrate with your dear ones, but it’s also a great time to spread kindness and joy to those who you don’t know.

That’s why, this year – we’ve designed The Friendly Tree!

The Friendly Tree is all about giving back and paying it forward with small, simple, but meaningful tasks that can easily brighten someone’s day.

Simple Friendly Tree Tasks include:
“Pay the toll for the person behind you.”
“Leave a kind server the biggest tip you can afford.”
“Smile at a stranger.”
and more.

This concept is easy enough for all of your friends and family to enjoy this Thanksgiving. So, in an effort to Pay it Forward to YOU. We’re giving away the PDF files for you to create your own Friendly Tree! Just go ahead and download the PDF files below and print them on your desktop printer on your favorite 8.5″ x 11″ card stock. This zip file includes everything you need to set up your own Friendly Tree and spread the smiles. A foldable sign (with guides for where to score and fold), a sheet of pre-made Friendly Tasks (with cut guides), and a sheet of blank cards for you to write in your own. You can place each card in a stamped envelope (like we did) or hang them from the tree – Be Creative! :)


Your Pals @ Mon Petit Studio
Stella + Chris

Oh hey! We do have to mention. These are free to use for personal use but please don’t resell them – The point is to spread the love and encourage friendliness – not make a buck. ;) Stealing is not nice.

Mon Petit Studio – The Friendly Tree Mon Petit Studio – The Friendly Tree Mon Petit Studio – The Friendly Tree Mon Petit Studio – The Friendly Tree

Download Your Own Friendly Tree Elements Here!

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