My name is Stella and I’m a notorious list maker, I believe ice cream cake tastes best in the morning, and I own way too many fluffy white throw pillows. My hubs will attest to that last one, y’all. I recently became mama to a sweet little baby boy and my life has never felt more complete. So, I’m the more vocal part of Mon Petit Studio. My husband, Chris, is very much a part of MPS but he’s more of a behind the scenes kinda guy.

We’re lifestyle photographers. What does that mean? That means that we primarily photograph our clients in their own element. Motherhood sessions in your home, maternity sessions in your freshly decorated nursery, family sessions in your living room or at your favorite park, fresh 48 sessions with your baby in your arms. You get the idea. We focus on natural, real, beautiful moments. These are the moments that make you YOU.

While we primarily shot weddings for nearly a decade, we quickly realized that lots of changes must be made after parenthood. We want to spend more time with our little and so we have decided to focus more on families, maternity, and motherhood style sessions with the occasional elopement or intimate wedding here and there. If you’re getting married and you love our work, don’t fret – we’re still photographing weddings – we’re just only accepting a very limited number of them. Send us a message with your wedding deets to see if we’re a good fit.

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